Marchen København Nijmegen


Soon it’s time for reunion

Walkers and support team members: soon it’s time for a MAKONI reunion.

Some details are still being worked out, but make sure to book the weekend of 2-3 February.

The purpose of the gathering is to meet, greet and refresh good memories from the trip.

Also, we are going to use up the money earned from selling ourselves beers and so on during the training sessions in Denmark and along the route during MAKONI.

Whether that surplus money can cover everything is yet to be determined; maybe reunion participants will have to make a small contribution.

The location of the event is:

Vibelundvej 45
5200 Odense V

The sketch of the program is:

We meet Saturday afternoon to talk about old times, before we have dinner cooked under the leadership of Le Chef. After that we continue having a good time together, probably having some beer and/or wine.

Sunday morning everybody participates in cleaning up the premises. Standard MAKONI procedure.

After that there is the option of walking a 10-12 km trip in the surrounding area in hopefully good weather before saying goodbye.

As mentioned: more details to follow.


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