Marchen København Nijmegen


Terms and conditions for participation in MAKONI 2024

Specific requirements


  • Carry out extensive training of the order of 1500 kilometers before the start of the tour on 29 June 2024.
  • Be able to function and comply with the conditions for joining a team, including:
    • Be a team player where there is social energy after a day’s march.
    • Have the resources to help comrades and otherwise where there may be a need.
    • Be prepared for the fact that in a team you walk in step and must therefore set your cadance according to the dictates of your marching companions and the team leader.
  • Be able to complete the march at an average speed of 6-6.5 km/h (the marching cadence is built up in connection with the training).
  • Accept the accommodation places and other conditions that are indicated and ordered by the march management.
  • The Nijmegen march is subsequently carried out as a team (ultimately). Danish participants can only  register for Nijmegen as team members on the MAKONI team. Foreign marchers are subject to the same conditions, but register via their own Nijmegen quota with a note that you participate in MAKONI 2024, as we are together until 19 July 2024.

The Support Element:

  • Must be prepared to provide a service effort beyond the usual, where you get up before the marchers, work with rest areas or other areas all day, and in principle do not finish the day’s don’t until all marchers are in their sleping bags.
  • Have qualifications in one of the areas below:
    • Sanitary service (preventive and remedial in connection with marching injuries).
    • Materiel service (organisational talent, overveiw and preferably in-depth knowledge of the Home Guard´s material).
    • Catering service (knowledge of producing nutritious catering that supports greater physical performance).
      • Very preferabel a chef or similar civilian training or catering training from the Home Guard.
      • Financial sense, management of budget in connection with catering for many people.
  • Have a minimum driving license category B, and preferably category C (any retraining for military vehicles is carried out before the trip).
  • After arrival in Nijmegen there are the following options:
    • Be included as an orderly on the MAKONI-team (only for danish participants).
    • Complete the Nijmegen march yourself in another team or individually – NOT on MAKONI-teams.
  • Speak either English or German, preferable both languages.

General requirements for both marchers and the support element

  • Clarified with your family that it is okay to use a lot of time training, and the 3 weeks in the summer for MAKONI incl. the Nijmegen march.
  • Participation in the planned training sessions træningssamlinger. For foreign units, however, there is only compulsory participation in the 2nd training session – the 26-28. APR 2024 in Slagelse.
  • There will be no possibility of special dietary considerations (vegetarian or similar).
  • Participation is at your own risk and expense – and beware of the following:
    • Participation in training sessions and the march itself takes place while using vacation or other freedom (lost earnings or other remuneration cannot be paid), however it should be noted that board and lodging are paid by the Danish Home Guard (HJV).
  • If you have an illness that requires treatment, which, among other things, entails medication, this does not in principle preclude participation, although the following prerequisites must be observed:
    • Information about the disease and possible medication is given at registration (any changes must be notefied to the march management as soon as possible).
    • The disease must be known and under treatment.
    • Any medication is brought in the right kind and quantity by own arrangement.
    • In case of doubt, the Danish Home Guard Command doctor will be involved.
  • The participants’ total effort during the training will form the basis for the assessment for MAKONI and thus the final approval and selectionel.
  • Note the following regarding final approval and selection:
    • The Danish participants MUST be approved at 3 out of the 4 planned training sessions – approval looks at both how you walk, but also how the individual functions socially in MAKONI.
    • Foreign participants MUST participate in training session no. 2 – on the same terms as Danish participants. The march management recommends foreign units to participate in several training sessions.
    • If foreign units only participate in training session no. 2 – corresponding local training MUST be held at home.
  • No alcohol may be consumed from waking up in the morning until leaving MAKONI at the end of the day’s march. Only the march management can approve any alcohol consumption – for example when celebrating 500 km. etc.